platform for blast box


Platform is usually used with larger pressure blast cabinets. These devices do not allow enough space for installation of pressure unit, so an outer delivery of abrasive material is required. The platform is a much cheaper solution.

Cyclone Separator

Cyclone Separator

This supplementary equipment is inserted in between the cabinet and the dust collector. It increases exhaustion efficiency and simultaneously collects coarse abrasives (larger grains). This function can be used especially with finer materials where it is possible to recycle the fraction back to the cycle.

Top Opening View Window for sandblasting cebinet

Top Opening View Window

This top window enables quick and easy frontal access inside the chamber. It is particularly practical for blasting of smaller components.

telescopic nozzle holder for blasting box

Telescopic Nozzle Holder

Telescopic nozzle holder fixes the nozzle on a certain spot inside the cabinet. An operator then has free hands for further manipulation. This device is suitable especially for blasting of smaller components. Usually these are used in toolrooms, laboratories, museums, etc.

sandblasting cabinet with draw-through openings

Draw-through Openings

Draw-through openings in the side doors enable blasting of bars and objects of similar shape which are longer than the chamber itself. Machines are equipped with rubber curtains on the openings in order to eliminate dust leakage. If they are not currently used, they can be covered from the inside.

Draw-through openings can be also equipped with roller track.

sandblasting cabinet with a turntable


Turntable may be stationary, tilting, or rolling out. It is suitable for heavier objects or rotary-shaped workpieces.

In order to make the manipulation easier, the turntable may be placed on a mobile dolly outwards the chambre.

Instead of the classic turntable it is also possible to design a special device. The example bellow depicts a turntable for cleaning of barrels for tumble spray coatings which enables both horizontal and vertical workpiece rotation.

Equipment and Accessories of Blast Machines

Supplementary Equipment and Accessories

The advantage of supplementary equipment is that even for relatively low costs they considerably increase the utilization of standard blast cabinets without the necessity of further individual arrangements.

In addition, particular components of supplementary equipment can be combined in many ways, e. g. draw-through openings with turntable inserts, nozzle holder with micro-blaster etc.


The discussed equipment is an apparatus which is required in certain configurations in order to maintain the proper function of blast machines.

Dust collectors and filter systems are essential for dust exhaustion from inside of the cabinet or the blast room. Dust collectors differ in power and are designed according to individual parameters of a blast machine.

Systems for abrasive delivery are applied in blast cabinets too large for direct installation of pressure blast machines. In certain cases they can be also used for abrasive cleaning.