Pneumatic Blasting Rooms

Pneumatic blasting rooms are solutions for blasting of objects too large for cabinets with operator working from outside. Here operator works from inside the blasting room dressed in special coveralls with air supply respiratory equipment, similarly as with mobile sand blasting. Blasting rooms fulfil all the ecological and hygienic conditions. Usually, they are provided with systems for collecting, cleaning, and delivering abrasive material back into the cycle. Thanks to their efficiency and power they represent one of the most economical ways of manual blasting.

Their size is usually ranks from 4 x 3 m up to a few dozen meters. During construction we use standardized items, but every one of the applications is adjusted to the client´s requirements. Speaking of abrasive collection systems, we prefer so called scraper floor recovery system with lowest possible expenses concerning the construction.

The most common type of abrasive for pneumatic blasting room is a steel grit; however, it is possible to use also other materials.

We have developed a special cabinet called “Combi cabinet” with size c. 4 x 3 m and its own heightened supporting frame. Therefore, no extra construction work in the foundations is necessary. Additionally, an operator may work both outside and inside the “Combi cabinet”.