sandblasting cabinet with draw-through openings

Draw-through Openings

Draw-through openings in the side doors enable blasting of bars and objects of similar shape which are longer than the chamber itself. Machines are equipped with rubber curtains on the openings in order to eliminate dust leakage. If they are not currently used, they can be covered from the inside.

Draw-through openings can be also equipped with roller track.

pass through blast cabinets

Pass Through Blast Cabinets

The pass through blast cabinets enable blasting of float glass, metal plates, battens, pipes etc. The cabinets may allow the workpiece to be moved either fully through or just from one side of the chamber (in case of limited space on workplace). These types of blast machines are constructed especially for those cases when for capacity reasons the manual blast cabinets are insufficient or when the situation requires defined way of blasting.

Standard Manual Blast Cabinets

The standard sizes of manual blast cabinets range in sizes 70, 90, 120, 150, and 200 cm, both in pressure and in injector versions. If required it is possible to attach a removable hopper which allows fast alternation of both systems. These devices are designed so that they meet all the request of our client. Special attention is always paid to operator´s comfort, fast cleaning, and productivity. According to your needs, the cabinets may be equipped with number of accessories increasing their efficiency, such as: telescopic nozzle holder, turntable, draw-through openings in side doors, top opening view window, etc. . Click on supplementary equipment and accessories to see more.

In case it is essential to avoid iron contamination of noble metal workpieces during the process of surface treatment, we are able to provide you with a device made of stainless steel.

Practically any abrasive medium acan be used for these machines; furthermore, they are designed for the possibility of frequent changes of abrasive material. Our solution of blast cabinet interior allows easy cleaning, which is very important e. g. for glass bead blasting. The top window on the cabinet is made of a double layer glass with the inner one easily replaceable.

Designing these manual blast cabinets, we prefer side-door insertion as it eliminates the overall dustiness of the machine.

Larger cabinets of size 150 and 200 cm are equipped with two sections for easier blasting of longer components.

Cabinets are treated with quality and durable surface layer by powder coatings. Based on a wish we can provide our clients with various colour versions. The inside is lined with rubber in order to increase service life of the machine and simultaneously to lower the noise during the blasting proces.

In case a standard blast cabinet with supplementary equipment still does not meet your requirements, we will help you to find an individual solution.. Click on special manual blast cabinets to see some examples. .

Designing these manual blast cabinets, we prefer side-door insertion as it eliminates the overall dustiness of the machine.