Powder Paint Shop

Our powder paint shop ranks among one of the biggest in the Czech Republic. The powder coating oven has following parameters 8 x 4 x 2, 2 m. Preferring blasting pre-treatment, sand blasting with such a pre-treatment ensures quality results and fulfils the most demanding conditions in civil engineering, industry and other fields.

Our company also offers other types of surface treatment.

An Overview of Technologies:

powder coating in a wide scale of RAL colours including the anti-corrosive base; with parameters 8 x 4 m in floor plan, we have one of the largest powder coating ovens in the Czech Republic,

sand blasting of components as a surface pre-treatment before subsequent powder coating,

glass bead blasting, a decorative treatment of stainless steel and other noble metals; click here for further information,

shot peening for hardening of mechanically stressed components; including Almen strip test,

sweeping, a special pre-stage of powder coating of hot-dip galvanized components,

glass sand blasting of float and blown glass including its decoration.