pass through blast cabinets

Pass Through Blast Cabinets

The pass through blast cabinets enable blasting of float glass, metal plates, battens, pipes etc. The cabinets may allow the workpiece to be moved either fully through or just from one side of the chamber (in case of limited space on workplace). These types of blast machines are constructed especially for those cases when for capacity reasons the manual blast cabinets are insufficient or when the situation requires defined way of blasting.

carousel blasting machines

Carousel Blasting Machines

Carousel blasting machines are suitable for large-capacity blasting of rotary components. An operator only inserts workpieces into individual satellites and later takes them out. The actual process is fully automatic, running according given parameters. The shape and the number of components determine number of nozzles, which can be either stationary or movable. It is of course possible to set appropriate programs for individual products. Those types of satellite cabinets with touch screens also allow setting authorization (operator, supervisor, maintenance…).

tumble sandblasting box

Tumble Blast Cabinets

Tumble blast cabinets enable large-capacity blasting of smaller components. Usually, they are supplied in pressure version; however, in special cases it is possible to provide our customers with injector version. Blasting process goes in fully-automatic mode. Electronic control allows setting the time, number of cycles, or rotation speed of the rotating basket for each type of a component in order to reach maximum efficiency of the process. Tumble blast machines can be either of single section or two separate ones. The later version, the two-section tumble blast machine, is found to be more advantageous as it noticeably raises workplace efficiency. The rotating basket can be unloaded either manually using a lever or pneumatically using push buttons.

Automatic Blast Equipment

Automatic blast equipment enables blasting in fully-automatic or semi-automatic mode. Such devices are practical especially for processing larger number of products, parts of similar shapes, smaller components, or for processing products with high demands on precision or technological conditions. In some cases, automatic blast equipment enables the operator to work on more machines simultaneously, or to perform other working activities.

In this chapter, there are shown and described examples of various types of automatic blast equipment. Feel free to contact us in case you find yourself in need of different type of treating your products. We will help you to find the solution.

automatic blast cabinets with turntable

Automatic Blast Cabinets with Turntable

This type of blast cabinets serves for blasting of rotary components of larger diameters. These cabinets may have either pressure or injector system. Depending on the type of a blasting abrasive, they can be designed for shot blasting, hardening (shot-peening), or non-abrasive soft blasting. Furthermore, it is possible to set a wide variety of parameters and levels of authorization (operator, supervisor, maintenance…).

The example below shows a device for cleaning tyre parts and tyre moulds.

Screw Cleaning Machines

Abrasive media used in screw cleaning machines are those which do not damage the surface of blasted components, it is so called non-abrasive soft cleaning.

Depending on the necessary level of cleaning, type, and size of a screw, an operator sets an individual program. The cleaning process itself is then fully automatic and operator is free to work on something else in the meantime. If an operator finds further cleaning necessary when checking the result, he / she can choose an additional program or spot cleaning via remote control.

Screw cleaning machines are controlled on a touch screen with the software enabling to set several levels of authorization such as operator, supervisor, and maintenance.

The machine is standardly provided with workplace safety equipment such e.g. photoelectric sensor etc.

For cleaning other than cylinder-shaped objects you can choose different types of blast machines with suitable abrasive medium. Click here to see an example.