shot peening

Shot Peening

Shot peening is used for surface hardening of stressed components, examples of which being: cogwheels, bolts, shafts, springs, etc. Shot peening is carried out by blasting with Cast Steel Shot (sometimes by glass or ceramics beads). This technology creates harder and thicker surface, and as a result a micro-layer which is more suitable for easy spreading of an oil film. As hinted above, shot peening increases hardness, lowers the risk of corrosion cracking, and highly raises the service life of stressed components. It is of course possible to apply this method in manual blast cabinets if the shape requires, but if you want to reach higher quality, it is advised to apply automaton. The construction and design of this equipment largely depends on the size and shape of individual parts. Below, there are pictures of a device for strengthening cogwheels and shafts; for strengthening of longer shafts a similar blaster can be used: a screw cleaning machine.